Rapid onset of orbital cellulitis after uncomplicated strabismus surgery

David Somsen, Gena Heidary

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Strabismus in retinoblastoma survivors with long-term follow-up

Ido D. Fabian, Andrew W. Stacey, Zishan Naeem, Zerrin Onadim, Tanzina Chowdhury, Catriona Duncan, Mandeep S. Sagoo, M. Ashwin Reddy

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Simultaneous Versus Sequential Ptosis and Strabismus Surgery in Children

Revere, Karen E.; Binenbaum, Gil; Li, Jonathan; Mills, Monte D.; Katowitz, William R.; Katowitz, James A.

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Re: “Simultaneous Versus Sequential Ptosis and Strabismus Surgery in Children”

Alam, Md. Shahid M.S.; Ramasubramanian, Srikanth M.S.; Agarkar, Sumita M.S.; Mukherjee, Bipasha M.S, D.N.B.





Revere, Karen; Binenbaum, Gil





Lateral rectus muscle resection following maximal recession of the medial rectus muscle in thyroid eye disease

Eric Weldy, BS, Natalie C. Kerr, MD

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Surgical management of strabismus following choroidal melanoma plaque brachytherapy

Shatha H. Alfreihi, MD, Stacy L. Pineles, MD, Tara A. McCannel, MD, PhD, Angelica M. Prada, MD, Federico G. Velez, MD’

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Postoperative Changes in Strabismus, Ductions, Exophthalmometry, and Eyelid Retraction After Orbital Decompression for Thyroid Orbitopathy

Rootman, Daniel B.; Golan, Shani; Pavlovich, Peter; Rootman, Jack

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Association of orbital decompression and the characteristics of subsequent strabismus surgery in thyroid eye disease

Ofira Zloto, Guy Ben Simon, Ido Didi Fabian, Oded Sagiv, Ruth Huna-Baron, Itay Ben Zion, Tamara Wygnanski-Jaffe

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Geriatric patients are predisposed to strabismus following thyroid-related orbital decompression surgery: A multivariate analysis

Chris Y. Wu & Alon Kahana

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