Orbital Schwannoma—Management and Clinical Outcomes

Kai-Ling YongTimothy J BeckmanMatthew Cranstoun,  Timothy J Sullivan 

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Uncommon presentation of a rapid-onset oculomotor schwannoma in a child

Jason D. Wesolosky, Gabriela Campos-Baniak, Vikas Sharma, Ezekiel Weis

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Journal : CJO

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Limbal schwannoma: Clinicopathological study of a case with review of literature

Rachna Agarwal, Shabari Pal, Nandita Chaudhary, Kumudini Sharma, Vikas Kanaujia

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Choroidal schwannoma presenting with neovascular glaucoma: A report of two cases

Sai Divya Jajapuram, Dilip K Mishra, Swathi Kaliki

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Hybrid Neurofibroma/Schwannoma of the Orbit

Stevenson, Louis J.; McElnea, Elizabeth M.; McKelvie, Penelope A.; Hardy, Thomas G. Less

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Recurrent isolated oculomotor nerve palsy caused by schwannoma in a pediatric patient

Donghun Lee, Won Jae Kim, Myung Mi Kim

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Orbital Schwannoma: Radiographic and Histopathologic Correlation in 15 Cases

Pointdujour-Lim, Renelle; Lally, Sara E.; Shields, Jerry A.; Eagle, Ralph C. Jr; Shields, Carol L.

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Journal : OPRS

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Distinguishing Benign from Malignant Circumscribed Orbital Tumors in Children

Yufei Tu, Frederick A. Jakobiec, Katherine Leung & Suzanne K. Freitag

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Quadruple Neoplasms following Radiation Therapy for Congenital Bilateral Retinoblastoma

Szymanski L.J, Sibug Saber M.E., Kim J.W, Go J.L, Zada G, Rao N, Hurth K.M

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Isolated eyelid Schwannoma: A rare differential diagnosis of lid tumor

Nabila H. Morsi, Osama Samir AlMansouri, Ebrahim Mohammed AlMansour

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