Delayed implant infection with Cutibacterium acnes (Propionibacterium acnes) 30 years after silicone sheet orbital floor implant

Pornpattana Vichitvejpaisal, Lauren A. Dalvin, Sara E. Lally & Carol L. Shields

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Delayed surgical treatment of orbital trapdoor fracture in paediatric patients

Yun Su, Qin Shen, Xiaoping Bi, Ming Lin, Xianqun Fan

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Zygomatic dental implant induced orbital fracture and inferior oblique trauma

Ann Q. Tran, Daniela P. Reyes-Capó, Nimesh A. Patel, Joshua Pasol, Hilda Capó & Sara T. Wester

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Orbital Floor and Rim Reconstruction With a Titanium Orbital Implant and Acellular Dermis

Scofield-Kaplan, Stacy M.; Patel, Sagar Y.; Mancini, Ronald

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Journal : OPRS

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Implantation of customized, preshaped implant for orbital fractures with the aid of three-dimensional printing

Sirous Nekooei, Mahsa Sardabi, Mohammad Etezad Razavi, Amirhossein Nekooei, Mohammad Yaser Kiarudi

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Bloody Epiphora (Hemolacria) Years After Repair of Orbital Floor Fracture

Chon, Brian H.; Zhang, Rui; Bardenstein, David S.; Coffey, Michael; Collins, Atif C.

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Pediatric orbital blowout fractures

Chung, Stella Y.; Langer, Paul D.

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Progressive Proptosis Secondary to an Orbital Floor Implant

Kalin-Hajdu, Evan; Vagefi, M. Reza; Kersten, Robert C.

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