Orbital Floor Fractures Concurrent with Acute Open-Globe Injuries

Aditya Uppuluri, Neelakshi Bhagat, Paul D. Langer

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Characteristics of Orbital Floor Fractures in the United States from 2006 to 2017

Mustafa Iftikhar, Joseph K. Canner, Leangelo Hall, Meleha Ahmad, Divya Srikumaran, Fasika A. Woreta

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Prediction of late displacement of the globe in orbital blowout fractures

Yongrong Ji, Yixiong Zhou, Qin Shen, Wei Xu, Shengfang Ge, Lixu Gu, Xianqun Fan

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Delayed implant infection with Cutibacterium acnes (Propionibacterium acnes) 30 years after silicone sheet orbital floor implant

Pornpattana Vichitvejpaisal, Lauren A. Dalvin, Sara E. Lally & Carol L. Shields

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Prediction of late enophthalmos using quantitative measures in isolated medial orbital wall fracture: Multiple regression analysis

Young Woong Mo, Sung Woo Kim, Hea Kyeong Shin

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Outcomes of ocular evisceration and enucleation in the British Armed Forces from Iraq and Afghanistan

Christopher J. Holmes, Anthony McLaughlin, Tahir Farooq, John Awad, Aidan Murray & Robert Scott

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Delayed surgical treatment of orbital trapdoor fracture in paediatric patients

Yun Su, Qin Shen, Xiaoping Bi, Ming Lin, Xianqun Fan

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Zygomatic dental implant induced orbital fracture and inferior oblique trauma

Ann Q. Tran, Daniela P. Reyes-Capó, Nimesh A. Patel, Joshua Pasol, Hilda Capó & Sara T. Wester

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Assessment of Infraorbital Hypesthesia Following Orbital Floor and Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fractures Using a Novel Sensory Grading System

Homer, Natalie; Glass, Lora R.; Lee, N. Grace; Lefebvre, Daniel R.; Sutula, Francis C.; Freitag, Suzanne K.; Yoon, Michael K. Less

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