Oculofacial plastic surgery-related online search trends including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Daniel B. AzzamSanja G. Cypen & Jeremiah P. Tao

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Journal : Orbit

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Polytetrafluoroethylene frontalis suspension in blepharospasm with eyelid apraxia: an effective and well-tolerated adjunct to botulinum toxin therapy

Adam R. SweeneyChristopher R. DermarkarianKatherine J. WilliamsRichard C. Allen & Michael T. Yen

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External levator resection for involutional ptosis: is intraoperative suture adjustment necessary for good outcomes?

Phillip M. RadkeTal J. RubinsteinDaniel J. Repp & Bryan S. Sires

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Recognising meibomian gland inversion in patients with facial palsy to improve the ocular surface

Katja Ullrich & Raman Malhotra

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Three-dimensional anthropometric analysis of eyelid aging among Chinese women

Yuming Chong, Jingyu Li, Xinyu Liu, Jiuzuo Huang, Nanze Yu, Xiao Long

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Effect of topical Phenylephrine on the upper eyelid crease position

Tatiana Sofia Monteiro Queirós MD Hae‐Ryung Won‐Kim MD Andrea Sales‐Sanz MD Marco Sales‐Sanz MD. PhD.

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Paediatric orbital conjunctival epithelial cyst with positive asialotransferrin

Rukaiya Malik , James English & Thomas G. Hardy

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