External levator resection for involutional ptosis: is intraoperative suture adjustment necessary for good outcomes?

Phillip M. RadkeTal J. RubinsteinDaniel J. Repp & Bryan S. Sires

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Outcomes After Müller Muscle Conjunctival Resection Versus External Levator Advancement in Severe Involutional Blepharoptosis

Adam R. Sweeney, Christopher R. Dermarkarian, Katherine J. Williams, Richard C. Allen, Michael T. Yen

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A Modified Levator Resection to Improve Postoperative Lagophthalmos and Eyelid Lag

Al-Faky, Yasser H.; Abu El-Eneen, Mohamed A.; Selim, Khaled M.; Ali, Hassan A.  

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Treatment strategy for severe blepharoptosis

Xiaobo Zhou, Ming Zhu, Lin Lv, Rui Jin, Jun Yang, Fei Liu 

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Surgical intervention for paediatric blepharoptosis: a 6-year case series

Aaron Jamison, Ewan G. Kemp, Suzannah R. Drummond

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Intraoperative lagophthalmos formula for levator resection in congenital ptosis

Sunah Kang, Ji Won Seo, Chan Joo Ahn, Bita Esmaeli, Ho-Seok Sa

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A novel technique for the measurement of eyelid contour to compare outcomes following Muller’s muscle-conjunctival resection and external levator resection surgery

Jennifer Danesh MD, Shoaib Ugradar, Robert Goldberg & Daniel B Rootman

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Small-incision levator resection for correction of congenital ptosis: a prospective study

Bahram Eshraghi, Hadi Ghadimi

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Current management of childhood ptosis

Weaver, Daniel T.

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Significance of Early Postoperative Eyelid Position on Late Postoperative Result in Mueller’s Muscle Conjunctival Resection and External Levator Advancement Surgery

Danesh, Jennifer; Ugradar, Shoaib; Goldberg, Robert; Joshi, Naresh; Rootman, Daniel B. 

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