External levator resection for involutional ptosis: is intraoperative suture adjustment necessary for good outcomes?

Phillip M. RadkeTal J. RubinsteinDaniel J. Repp & Bryan S. Sires

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Effect of topical Phenylephrine on the upper eyelid crease position

Tatiana Sofia Monteiro Queirós MD Hae‐Ryung Won‐Kim MD Andrea Sales‐Sanz MD Marco Sales‐Sanz MD. PhD.

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Blepharoptosis and Cholesterol-Lowering Medications: A Retrospective Study

Lam, Aimee N.; Thayer, Jessica N.; Rahman, Effie Z.; Martinez, Andre N.; Fry, Constance L.  

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Comparing the outcomes of severe versus mild/moderate ptosis using closed posterior levator advancement

Lawrence J. Oh, Eugene Wong, Sol Bae & Angelo Tsirbas

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Patient satisfaction after levator aponeurosis surgery for the treatment of involutional blepharoptosis

Daisuke Sato, Hirotaka Suga, Mine Ozaki, Keigo Narita, Tomohiro Shiraishi, Kiyonori Harii, Akihiko Takushima

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Evaluation of the eyebrow position after external Müller’s muscle tucking: A new technique for ptosis repair

Kenichi Kokuboa, Nobutada Katorib, Kengo Hayashic, Jun Sugawarad, Seiko Koue, Akiko Fujiif, Shoko Hagaa, Jiro Maegawaf

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The Relationship Between Eyebrow and Eyelid Position in Patients With Ptosis, Dermatochalasis and Controls

Sinha, Kunal R.; Al Shaker, Sara; Yeganeh, Amir; Moreno, Tyler; Rootman, Daniel B.

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A novel technique for the measurement of eyelid contour to compare outcomes following Muller’s muscle-conjunctival resection and external levator resection surgery

Jennifer Danesh MD, Shoaib Ugradar, Robert Goldberg & Daniel B Rootman

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Association of Involutional Lower Eyelid Entropion with Reduced Upper Eyelid Position Relative to the Corneal Light Reflex: Quantification of Facial Asymmetry

Phelps, Paul O.; Wladis, Edward J.; Meyer, Dale R.

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The Phenylephrine Test Revisited

Barsegian, Arpine; Botwinick, Adam; Reddy, Harsha S.

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