Aqueous seeding in intraocular retinoblastoma: A review

Swathi Kaliki MD

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Risk Factors for Acute Choroidal Ischemia after Intra-arterial Melphalan for Retinoblastoma

Christina Stathopoulos, Bruno Bartolini, Guillaume Marie, Maja Beck-Popovic, Guillaume Saliou, Francis L. Munier

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Successful salvage intravenous chemotherapy after tandem selective ophthalmic artery infusion chemotherapy in bilateral retinoblastoma

Hyun J Kim, Maura Di Nicola, James J Augsburger, Basil K Williams

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Modern treatment of retinoblastoma: A 2020 review

David Ancona-Lezama, Lauren A Dalvin, Carol L Shields

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Histopathology of retinoblastoma eyes enucleated after intra-arterial chemotherapy

Eva Maria Biewald, Norbert Bornfeld, Klaus A Metz, Sabrina Schlüter, Tobias Kiefer, Alexander Radbruch, Sophia Göricke, Selma Sirin, Petra Ketteler, Nikolaos E Bechrakis

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Retinoblastoma vascular perfusion and intra‐arterial chemotherapy cycle requirements

Li‐Anne S. Lim MB BS Lauren A. Dalvin MD David Ancona‐Lezama MD Michael D. Yu BS Pascal Jabbour MD Carol L. Shields MD

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Histopathologic findings after selective ophthalmic arterial injection of melphalan for retinoblastoma

Ho-Min Chen, Sherine Jue Ong, An-Ning Chao, Kuan-Lyin Liou, Shih-Ming Jung, Ling-Yuh Kao

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Intra-arterial chemotherapy in retinoblastoma – A paradigm change

Fairooz P Manjandavida, Christina Stathopoulos, Jing Zhang, Santhosh G Honavar, Carol L Shields

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Choroidal Ischemia Sparing the Watershed Zone following Intra-Arterial Chemotherapy for Retinoblastoma

Ancona-Lezama D.A. · Dalvin L.A. · Lucio-Alvarez J.A. · Jabbour P. · Shields C.L.

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Primary Intra-Arterial Chemotherapy for Retinoblastoma in the Intravitreal Chemotherapy Era: Five Years of Experience

Dalvin L.A. · Kumari M. · Essuman V.A. · Shohelly Shipa S. · Ancona-Lezama D. · Lucio-Alvarez J.A. · Jabbour P. · Shields C.L.

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