Polytetrafluoroethylene frontalis suspension in blepharospasm with eyelid apraxia: an effective and well-tolerated adjunct to botulinum toxin therapy

Adam R. SweeneyChristopher R. DermarkarianKatherine J. WilliamsRichard C. Allen & Michael T. Yen

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Single-triangle versus Fox pentagon frontalis suspension for unilateral severe congenital ptosis correction

Nora Mahmoud, Mohammed,Mahmoud,  Ahmed Kamal, Mohammed Ahmed, Abdelhafez,Mostafa, Mohammed Diab

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Treatment strategy for severe blepharoptosis

Xiaobo Zhou, Ming Zhu, Lin Lv, Rui Jin, Jun Yang, Fei Liu 

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Symmetry of Upper Eyelid Contour After Unilateral Blepharoptosis Repair With a Single-strip Frontalis Suspension Technique

Akaishi, Patricia; Galindo-Ferreiro, Alicia; Cruz, Antonio A. V.

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Pediatric Frontalis Suspension With Braided Polyester: A Comparison of Two Techniques

Andrea Molinari, MD; Daniel T. Weaver, MD; Todd A. Goldblum, MD; David Silbert, MD; Sebastian P. Lopez, MD; Noelle Matta, CO

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Efficacy of frontalis suspension with silicone rods in ptosis patients with poor Bell’s phenomenon

Khyati P Shah, Bipasha Mukherjee

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Evaluation of moderate and severe blepharoptosis correction using the interdigitated part of the frontalis muscle and orbicularis oculi muscle suspension technique: A cohort study of 235 cases

Tailing Wang, Xiuqi Li, Xiao Wang, Qianwen Wang, Wuyan Li, Lu Zhou, Weiming Song, Jiaqi Wang

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Two different techniques for frontalis suspension using Gore-Tex to treat severe congenital ptosis

Adel Galal Zaky, Sameh Saad Mandour, Marwa Aly Zaky, Asmaa Mohamed Ebrahem

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Factors Associated With Surgical Outcomes in Congenital Ptosis: A 10-Year Study of 319 Cases

Yeen-Fey Ho, Shu-Ya Wu, Yueh-Ju Tsai

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Maximal Levator Muscle Resection for Primary Congenital Blepharoptosis with Poor Levator Function

Alper Mete, Halil H. Cagatay, Can Pamukcu, Sabit Kimyon, Oguzhan Saygılı & Kıvanç Güngör

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