Closure Technique and Antibiotics in Frontalis Sling Infection and Exposure

Brittany A. Simmons, MD, Thomas J.E. Clark, MD, Justin J. Kuiper, MD, Bridget M. Zimmerman, PhD, Jeffrey A. Nerad, MD, Richard C. Allen, MD, PhD, Keith D. Carter, MD, Erin M. Shriver, MD 

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Frontalis Linkage Without Intraoperative Eyelid Elevation for the Management of Myopathic Ptosis

Diniz, Stefania B.; Akaishi, Patricia M.; Cruz, Antonio A. V.

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Surgical treatment of severe congenital ptosis using deep temporal fascia

Sergio Petroni, Paolo Capozzi, Rosa Parrilla, Gaetano Zinzanella & Luca Buzzonetti

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Outcomes of Frontalis Sling Versus Levator Resection in Patients With Monocular Elevation Deficiency Associated Ptosis

Dave, Tarjani Vivek; Sharma, Pranjali; Nayak, Arpita; Moharana, Ruby; Naik, Milind N.

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Current management of childhood ptosis

Weaver, Daniel T.

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Revision Surgery for Undercorrected Blepharoptosis After Frontalis Sling Operation Using Autogenous Fascia Lata

Lee, Ju-Hyang; Woo, Kyung In; Kim, Yoon-Duck

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Simultaneous Versus Sequential Ptosis and Strabismus Surgery in Children

Revere, Karen E.; Binenbaum, Gil; Li, Jonathan; Mills, Monte D.; Katowitz, William R.; Katowitz, James A.

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Surgical treatment of unilateral severe simple congenital ptosis

Ju-Hyang Lee, Yoon-Duck Kim

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Double Rhomboid Suture Technique for Congenital Ptosis

Austin Bach, DO, MPH; Marcos Sanchez-Gonzalez, MD, PhD; Roberto Warman, MD

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Endoscope-assisted harvest of autogenous fascia lata in frontalis suspension surgery: A minimally invasive approach revisited

Abhijit Naik, Anamika Patel, Nandini Bothra, Lapam Panda, Milind N Naik, Suryasnata Rath

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