Embedded Retinal Eyelash with Orbital Inflammation

Shoaib Ugradar, Daniel B. Rootman, Mohammed Ali Khan

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Orbital wooden foreign body manifesting as hyperdensity on computed tomography

Stacy M. Scofield-Kaplan, Elizabeth K. Weidman, Gul Moonis, Lora R. Dagi Glass

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A challenging case of a large intraorbital foreign body perforating the nasal septum in a child

Tanie Natung, Wakaru Shullai, Donbok Lynser, Taraprasad Tripathy

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Systemic Allergic Response in the Setting of a Metallic Intraorbital Foreign Body With Intraoperative Magnet-Assisted Retrieval

Cole, Scott C.; Eftekhari, Kian; Anderson, Richard L.; Oberg, Thomas J.

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Journal : OPRS

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A new cause of lacrimal gland calcification: Retained metallic foreign bodies

Alexander J. Brent, Peter M. Mota, Gerald Saldanha, Ram Vaidhyanath & Raghavan Sampath

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