A Novel Way for Upper Eyelid Rejuvenation by Combination of Local Fat-Fascia-Muscle Flap Repositioning for Middle-Aged Asian Women

Xiyuan Mao, Yunkun Pei, Lu Zhang, Ying Zhang, Rong Jin, Liying Cheng, Xiaoming Sun, Yuguang Zhang

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Examining the Role of Retrobulbar Hyaluronidase in Reversing Filler-Induced Blindness: A Systematic Review

Paap, Michael K.; Milman, Tatyana; Ugradar, Shoaib; Goldberg, Robert; Silkiss, Rona Z.

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The Anatomy and Clinical Application of Preorbital Septum Fiber

Jingyi Zhao, MD, Xiaoshuang Guo, MD, Chenzhi Lai, MD, Dong Zhang, MD, Hong Du, MD, Changsheng Yang, MD, Yingying Yue, MD, Xiaolei Jin, MD

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Lacrimal gland prolapse in upper blepharoplasty

Bahram Eshraghi & Hadi Ghadimi

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Combination of mesenchymal stem cell-conditioned medium and botulinum toxin type A for treating human hypertrophic scars

Ching-Hsuan Hu, Yi-Wen Tseng, Chien-Wei Lee, Chih-Yung Chiou, Shiow-Shuh Chuang, Jui-Yung Yang, Oscar K. Lee

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The Mathematical Analysis of the Aesthetically Pleasing Eyelid

McDonnell, Emma C.; Patel, Sagar Y.; Scofield-Kaplan, Stacy M.; Chaulk, Alexandria; Stetler, Jeffrey; Starks, Victoria; Mancini, Ronald

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Updated Management of Malar Edema, Mounds, and Festoons: A Systematic Review

C Ian Newberry, MD, Hilary Mccrary, MPH, MD, J Regan Thomas, MD, Eric W Cerrati, MD

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Rehabilitation of the Dysmorphic Lower Eyelid From Hyaluronic Acid Filler: What to Do After a Good Periocular Treatment Goes Bad

Brent Skippen, MD, Ilaria Baldelli, MD, Morris Hartstein, MD, Gabriela Casabona, MD, Jose Raul Montes, MD, Francesco Bernardini, MD

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Robert A Goldberg, MD

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Corneal Laceration Associated With Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Shoji, Marissa K.; Tran, Ann Q.; Nikpoor, Neda; Lee, Wendy W.

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