Enophthalmos in silent brain syndrome

Leonardo Lando, Marina O S Paiva, Luciano S Pereira

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Post-traumatic enophthalmos secondary to orbital fat atrophy: a volumetric analysis

Liza M. Cohen, Larissa A. Habib & Michael K. Yoon

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Postural changes revealing orbital venous malformation using ultrasound in blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome

Serena Fragiotta , Massimiliano Sepe , Andrea Perdicchi , Luca Scuderi , Maria Trani & Gianluca Scuderi

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Anomalous orbital structure mimicking fracture of orbital floor

Vibha Baldev, Shailja Tibrewal

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Prediction of late displacement of the globe in orbital blowout fractures

Yongrong Ji, Yixiong Zhou, Qin Shen, Wei Xu, Shengfang Ge, Lixu Gu, Xianqun Fan

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Prediction of late enophthalmos using quantitative measures in isolated medial orbital wall fracture: Multiple regression analysis

Young Woong Mo, Sung Woo Kim, Hea Kyeong Shin

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A Rare Catheter Complication in a Patient With Neuroblastoma: Horner’s Syndrome

Urfalioglu, Selma; Acipayam, Can; Güler, Mete; Sahin, Bedia; Kütükcü, Meliha Kübra

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Pembrolizumab-Related Enophthalmos

Alexandra Manta, Robert A. Goldberg

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Use of computed tomography in an upright position for preoperative planning in orbital wall fracture treatment: A pilot study

Yoshiaki Sakamoto, Yoshitake Yamada, Minoru Yamada, Yoichi Yokoyama, Kazuo Kishi, Masahiro Jinzaki 

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Bilateral Silent Sinus (Imploding Antrum) Syndrome

Vahdani, Kaveh; Rose, Geoffrey E.

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