Change in Lower Eyelid Contour Following Ectropion Repair With Lateral Tarsal Strip

William YoungStacy M Scofield-KaplanR Evan LevyZachary KeenumRonald Mancini

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Oculoplastic considerations for refractive procedures

Denisova, Ksenia; Barmettler, Anne

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A Lazy-T Modification in the Treatment of Medial Ectropion

Catherine Y Liu, MD, PhD, Daniel J Oh, MD, Allen M Putterman, MD

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Technique and Results of Permanent Medial Tarsorrhaphy for Complex Eyelid Malposition

Segal, Kira L.; Elner, Susan G.; Elner, Victor M.

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Association of Blepharitis and Ectropion With Tumor Necrosis Factor α Inhibitor Treatment in Crohn Disease

Honeylen Maryl Tiu Teo, MD; Francesca de Sá Freire, MD; Hakan Demirci, MD

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Association between oral fluoroquinolone use and lateral canthal tendon rupture: case report

Rashed N. Alhabshan & Tamer N. Mansour

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Lateral tarsal strip versus Bick’s procedure in correction of eyelid malposition

Kaveh Vahdani, Rebecca Ford, Helen Garrott & Vladimir Theodor Thaller

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Spontaneous subconjunctival abscess in congenital lamellar ichthyosis

Shivanand C Bubanale, Linda Maria Genoveva De Piedade Sequeira, Bhagyajyothi B Kurbet

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Surgical Microanatomy of Lower Eyelid Tarsal Ectropion Repair With a Putterman Ptosis Clamp

Jones, Scott T.; Aakalu, Vinay K.; Lin, Amy Y.; Perez, Catherine; Epstein, Gil; Putterman, Allen M.; Setabutr, Pete

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Etiology and Management of Allergic Eyelid Dermatitis

Chisholm, Smith Ann M.; Couch, Steven M.; Custer, Philip L.

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