Orbital exenteration and conjunctival melanoma: a 14-year study at the Jules Gonin Eye Hospital

A. Martel, A. Oberic, A. Moulin, L. Zografos, L. Bellini, F. Almairac & M. Hamedani

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Conjunctival squamous cell carcinoma: prognostic factors for the recurrence and metastasis and clinicopathological characteristics at an oncological hospital in Peru

Deivy Cruzado-Sanchez, Walter Andree Tellez, Beltran Villarreal-Aguilar, Monica Melendez, Anibal Olivera, Fiorella Moran, Solon Serpas-Frias, Raul Cordero-Garcia

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OCT Angiography of Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Situ

Richard R. Pacheco, Antonio Yaghy, Carol L. Shields

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Giant squamous cell carcinoma of the conjunctiva: a clinical case report

Diogo Lopes, Tomás Loureiro, Rita Carreira, Sandra Barros, Inês Machado, Paul Campos, Nuno Campos

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Targeted genome sequencing of negative and positive human papillomavirus induced conjunctival carcinomas

Ingvild Ramberg, Peter Toft, David Jensen, Christian von Buchwald, Finn Cilius Nielsen, Mikkel Funding, Steffen Heegaard

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