Polytetrafluoroethylene frontalis suspension in blepharospasm with eyelid apraxia: an effective and well-tolerated adjunct to botulinum toxin therapy

Adam R. SweeneyChristopher R. DermarkarianKatherine J. WilliamsRichard C. Allen & Michael T. Yen

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Change of Eyelid Parameters in Patients With Marin-Amat Syndrome

Chao, Yu-Jang; Tsai, Chieh-Chih; Huang, Yu-Yun; Lin, Che-Yu; Yu, Wei-Kuang; Kau, Hui-Chuan; Liu, Catherine Jui-Ling

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Lacrimal Gland Botulinum Toxin Injection Versus Simple Glandular Needling: Histopathological and Electron Microscopic Evidence and Potential Clinical Implications

Trakos, Nikolaos; Singh, Swati; Mishra, Dilip Kumar; Ali, Mohammad Javed

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Combination of mesenchymal stem cell-conditioned medium and botulinum toxin type A for treating human hypertrophic scars

Ching-Hsuan Hu, Yi-Wen Tseng, Chien-Wei Lee, Chih-Yung Chiou, Shiow-Shuh Chuang, Jui-Yung Yang, Oscar K. Lee

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Periocular esthetic procedures: Do patients understand the risks?

Abdullah S Al-Mujaini

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A trial of a mechanical device for the treatment of blepharospasm

Alexina Fantato, Manoj Parulekar & John Elston

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Ocular surface status in patients with hemifacial spasm under long-lasting treatment with botulinum A toxin: A comparative fellow eye study

Marco Pellegrini, Costantino Schiavi, Leonardo Taroni, Stefano Sebastiani, Federico Bernabei, Matilde Roda, Fabiana Moscardelli, Giuseppe Giannaccare

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Outcomes of lacrimal gland injection of botulinum toxin in functional versus nonfunctional epiphora

Swati Singh, Akshay Gopinathan Nair, Md Shahid Alam, Bipasha Mukherjee

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Repeated injections of botulinum toxin-A for epiphora in lacrimal drainage disorders: qualitative and quantitative assessment

Chanjoo Ahn, Sunah Kang & Ho-Seok Sa

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Long-term outcome of flexible onabotulinum toxin A treatment in facial dystonia

John C Bladen, Ilan Feldman, Maribel Favor, Marizol Dizon, Andre Litwin & Raman Malhotra

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