Intralesional bleomycin: A treatment modality for conjunctival lymphangioma

Smriti Bansal, Sima Das

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Sclerotherapy for low-flow vascular malformations of the orbital and periocular regions: Systematic review and meta-analysis

Lucio De Maria, Paolo De Sanctis, Megha Tollefson, Samir Mardini, James A. Garrity, Pearse P. Morris, Emily Bendel, Waleed Brinjikji

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Medical and sclerosing agents in the treatment of orbital lymphatic malformations what’s new?

Lam, Stacey C.; Yuen, Hunter K.L.

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Dacryocystosclerotherapy as an alternative to dacryocystectomy

Mohammad Javed Ali, Tarjani Vivek Dave, Dilip Kumar Mishra & Milind N. Naik

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Bleomycin sclerotherapy of a distensible orbital venous malformation without image guidance

Ying Chen, Catherine J. Choi, Bradford W. Lee

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Conjunctival melanoma and electrochemotherapy: preliminary results using 2D and 3D cell culture models in vitro

Miltiadis Fiorentzis Periklis Katopodis Helen Kalirai Berthold Seitz Arne Viestenz Sarah E. Coupland

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Use of percutaneous bleomycin sclerotherapy for orbital lymphatic malformations

Adam M. Hanif, Justin A. Saunders, C. Matthew Hawkins, Ted H. Wojno & Hee Joon Kim

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Socket Reconstruction With Bleomycin, Gentamicin, and Gelatin Sponges Following Eyelid-Sparing Orbital Exenteration for a Colobomatous Macrocyst in an Infant

Michelson, Sarah J.; Ciongoli, Marina R.; Elner, Victor M.; Kahana, Alon

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A rare case of orbital lymphangioma with persistent fetal vasculature and extraorbital vascular malformations treated with intralesional bleomycin

Maya Hada, Anubhav Upadhyay, Kamlesh Khilnani, Nagendra Shekhawat

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