Isolated abducens nerve palsy following temporal bone fracture in a child

Vibha Baldev, Shailja Tibrewal, Soveeta Rath, Suma Ganesh

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Histopathologic findings after selective ophthalmic arterial injection of melphalan for retinoblastoma

Ho-Min Chen, Sherine Jue Ong, An-Ning Chao, Kuan-Lyin Liou, Shih-Ming Jung, Ling-Yuh Kao

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Knudson to embryo selection: A story of the genetics of retinoblastoma

Vrushali Athavale, Vikas Khetan

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Bilateral anterior uveitis after immunotherapy for malignant melanoma

Chia-Jui Chang, Shih-Jen Chen, De-Kuang Hwang, Catherine Jui-Ling Liu

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Choroidal metastasis from esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Shin-Yu Chang, Shawn H Tsai, Lee-Jen Chen, Wei-Chun Chan, Yeou-Ping Tsao

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Update on ocular myasthenia gravis in Taiwan

Chao-Wen Lin, Ta-Ching Chen, Jieh-Ren Jou, Lin-Chung Woung

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Primary ductal adenocarcinoma of lacrimal gland: Two case reports and review of the literature

Hsin-Yu Yang, Cheng-Hsien Wu, Chieh-Chih Tsai, Wei-Kuang Yu, Shu-Ching Kao, Catherine Jui-Ling Liu

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Anisometropia and refractive status in children with unilateral congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction

Adnan Aslam Saleem, Sorath Noorani Siddiqui, Umair Wakeel, Muhammad Asif

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Comparison of endoscopic and external dacryocystorhinostomy for treatment of primary acquired nasolacrimal duct obstruction

Pei-Yuan Su

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Conjunctival papilloma: Clinical features, outcome, and factors related to recurrence

Yi-Ming Huang, Yu-Yun Huang, Hsin-Yu Yang, Chieh-Chih Tsai, Wei-Kuang Yu, Shu-Ching Kao, Hui-Chuan Kau, Catherine Jui-Ling Liu

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