Me & This Forum



      As a child, I remember being asked what I would like to be when I grow up. There was not a second thought as I always yearned to be a teacher! I loved scribbling on blackboards with a chalk.


      However, life had something else in store for me. Soon, I was longing for slit lamp and 90 D lenses. After specialising at one of India’s oldest and renowned, Amritsar Medical College, the student in me craved more. Fortunately, the next few years at L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad (India) introduced me to another level of Ophthalmology and some wonderful teachers. The Oculoplastics bug bit me here.


      It amazed me that every single clinically evident finding may have been the result of a different pathology. Before I could realise it, I had already decided to pursue Oculoplastics for good. Providentially, I was on-board the world’s only “Flying Eye Hospital” Orbis International, USA, with which I flew around the world to assist eye care programmes, dined and danced with stalwarts in Ophthalmology, and touched ground at the University of Auckland (New Zealand) for another wonderful year of Clinical Oculoplastics fellowship.
      Back to India in 2010, I started practicing exclusive Oculoplastics. To keep myself abreast, I started flipping through journals and books. I soon found it tedious, because except OPRS, other eye journals did not feature Oculoplastics regularly. As a result, I had to regularly scan at least 30-odd journals for the latest information. Also, there was no forum for discussion and exchange of ideas.
     This inspired me to come up with this forum; where I would chalk down Ophthalmic-plastics updates from all key Ophthalmology journals and periodicals every month. In addition, surgical tutorial videos would be added from time to time. Gradually, this forum, over a period of time, should become an easily searchable repository of information on Ophthalmic-plastics.


      So, I welcome you to enjoy the latest in Oculoplastics, Orbit, Lacrimals, Facial Aesthetics and Ocular Oncology. Do give suggestions/ feedback for improvising this ‘think tank’! Thank you…



Ekta Aggarwal