Essential skin shrinkage: cicatricial ectropion, a histopathologic evaluation and clinical analysis

Carolee M. Culter-Peck, Stephen C. Dryden, Brian T. Fowler, Dianne Kovacic, Andrzej Slominski & James C. Fleming

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A human cadaveric model for effective instruction of lateral canthotomy and cantholysis

Sheel R. Patel, Priti Mishall & Anne Barmettler

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Influence of surgical approach for decompression on lower eyelid position in thyroid eye disease

Andrew W. Thorne & Daniel Benson Rootman

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Visual field and orbital computed tomography correlation in dysthyroid optic neuropathy due to thyroid eye disease

Victoria S. Starks, Katherine L. Reinshagen, Nahyoung G. Lee & Suzanne K. Freitag

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Journal : Orbit

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Severe upper eyelid mass in a patient with mycosis fungoides

Yağmur Seda Yeşiltaş, Melek Banu Hoşal, Meltem Kurt Yüksel & Aylin Okçu Heper

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Management of orbital conjunctival epithelial inclusion cyst using trichloroacetic acid (20%) in an outpatient setting

David Gallagher, Barry Power, Emily Hughes & Tim Fulcher

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Subgaleal haematoma as a cause of periorbital necrotising fasciitis: a case report

Chloe FT Ting, Jonathan Lam & Con Anastas

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Delayed implant infection with Cutibacterium acnes (Propionibacterium acnes) 30 years after silicone sheet orbital floor implant

Pornpattana Vichitvejpaisal, Lauren A. Dalvin, Sara E. Lally & Carol L. Shields

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