Long-term efficacy of fractionated conformal radiotherapy for the management of primary optic nerve sheath meningioma

Ravi Pandit, Liliana Paris, Danielle S Rudich, Robert L Lesser, Mark J Kupersmith, Neil R Miller

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Combination of multimodal imaging features predictive of choroidal nevus transformation into melanoma

Lauren A Dalvin, Carol L Shields, David Arturo Ancona-Lezama, Michael D Yu, Maura Di Nicola, Basil K Williams Jr, J Antonio Lucio-Alvarez, Su Mae Ang, Sean M Maloney, R Joel Welch, Jerry A Shields

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Circumscribed choroidal haemangioma: clinical and topographical features

Jørgen Krohn, Pukhraj Rishi, Torbjørn Frøystein, Arun D Singh

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Orbital apex venous cavernous malformation with optic neuropathy: treatment with multisession gamma knife radiosurgery

Stephanie Ming Young, Kyung Hwan Kim, Yoon-Duck Kim, Stephanie S Lang, Ji Woong Park, Kyung In Woo, Jung-Il Lee

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Outcomes and factors affecting them in patients with rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis

Mohsen Bahmani Kashkouli, Parya Abdolalizadeh, Mitra Oghazian, Yasaman Hadi, Nasser Karimi, Mahya Ghazizadeh

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Retrospective study in 608 cases on the rate of surgical site infections after orbital surgery without prophylactic systemic antibiotics

Ronald Olaf Björn de Keizer, Genesis Kozdras, René Wubbels, Willem A Van den Bosch, Dion Paridaens

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Journal : BJO

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Pyogenic granuloma associated with conjunctival epithelial neoplasia: report of nine cases

Martina C Herwig-Carl, Hans E Grossniklaus, Philipp L Müller, Lisa Atzrodt, Karin U Loeffler, Claudia Auw-Haedrich

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