Direct eyelid defect closure: a prospective study of functional and aesthetic outcomes

Vladimir T. Thaller, Simon N. Madge, W. Chan, I. Vujic & F. Jazayeri

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Diagnosis and surgical management of orbital sparganosis

Qing Xia & Jianhua Yan

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Journal : EYE

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The practice patterns in the management of sebaceous carcinoma of the eyelid in the Asia Pacific region

Janice J. C. Cheung, Bita Esmaeli, Stacey C. Lam, Tracey Kwok & Hunter K. L. Yuen

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Comparison between patient-reported outcomes after enucleation and proton beam radiotherapy for uveal melanomas: a 2-year cohort study

Laura Hope-Stone, Stephen L. Brown, Heinrich Heimann & Bertil Damato

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