Eyelid sebaceous carcinoma: Validation of the 8th edition of the American Joint Committee on cancer T staging system and the prognostic factors for local recurrence, nodal metastasis, and survival

Yun Hsia, Ching-Yuan Yeh, Yi-Hsuan Wei, Lily-Wei Chen & Shu-Lang Liao

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Smartphone-based application improves the detection of retinoblastoma

Amit Khedekar, Bharanidharan Devarajan, Kim Ramasamy, Veerappan Muthukkaruppan & Usha Kim

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Medial canthoplasty for the management of exposure keratopathy

Robi N. Maamari, Philip L. Custer, Michael G. Neimkin & Steven M. Couch

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Invasive sino-orbital fungal infections in immunocompetent patients: a clinico-pathological study

Namrata Gangaram Adulkar, Santhi Radhakrishnan, N. Vidhya & Usha Kim

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Repeated injections of botulinum toxin-A for epiphora in lacrimal drainage disorders: qualitative and quantitative assessment

Chanjoo Ahn, Sunah Kang & Ho-Seok Sa

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Transcanalicular endoscopic primary dacryoplasty for congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction

Nozomi Matsumura, Toru Suzuki, Satoshi Goto, Takeshi Fujita, Shin Yamane, Maiko Maruyama-Inoue & Kazuaki Kadonosono

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