The Relationship Between Eyebrow and Eyelid Position in Patients With Ptosis, Dermatochalasis and Controls

Sinha, Kunal R.; Al Shaker, Sara; Yeganeh, Amir; Moreno, Tyler; Rootman, Daniel B.

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Measurement of Medial Wall Bowing and Clinical Associations in Thyroid Eye Disease

Bokman, Christine L.; Ugradar, Shoaib; Rootman, Daniel B.

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Quantitative Assessment of Dry Eye Parameters After Müller’s Muscle-Conjunctival Resection

Bautista, Sana Ali; Wladis, Edward J.; Schultze, Robert L.

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Re: “Autologous Fat Graft for the Treatment of Sighted Posttraumatic Enophthalmos and Sunken Upper Eyelid”

Light Perception Vision Recovery After Treatment for Calcium Hydroxylapatite Cosmetic Filler–Induced Blindness

Vu, Priscilla Q.; Grob, Seanna R.; Tao, Jeremiah P.

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Permanent Versus Bioresorbable Implants in Orbital Floor Blowout Fractures

Seen, Sophia; Young, Stephanie Ming; Teo, Shao Jin; Lang, Stephanie S.; Amrith, Shantha; Lim, Thiam-Chye; Sundar, Gangadhara

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Bony Regrowth After Deep Lateral Orbital Decompression

Ramesh, Sathyadeepak; Eichhorn, Knut; Leibowitz, Steven; Goldberg, Robert

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The Individualized Facelift Technique in Improving Facial Asymmetry for Asian Patients

Zhang, Pan; Sui, Bing; Ren, Lihong; Yang, Jenny; Ma, Xu; Li, Qingchun; Yang, Daping

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Journal : OPRS

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