Combined treatment of primary vitreoretinal lymphomas significantly prolongs the time to first relapse

Aneta Klimova, Jarmila Heissigerova, Eva Rihova, Michaela Brichova, Robert Pytlik, Ivan Spicka, Katerina Mrazova, Jana Karolova, Petra Svozilkova

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Minimal disseminated disease evaluation and outcome in trilateral retinoblastoma

Ana V Torbidoni, Claudia Sampor, Viviana E Laurent, Rosario Aschero, Saipriya Iyer, Jorge Rossi, Daniel Alderete, Daniel F Alonso, Irene Szijan, Guillermo L Chantada

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Clinicoserological factors associated with response to steroid treatment and recurrence in patients with IgG4-related ophthalmic disease

Ji Wook Hong, Sunah Kang, Min Kyung Song, Chan Joo Ahn, Ho-Seok Sa

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Journal : BJO

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Review of extraocular muscle biopsies and utility of biopsy in extraocular muscle enlargement

Edwina L Eade, Thomas G Hardy, Penelope A McKelvie, Alan A McNab

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Modified everting sutures: an alternative treatment for mild to moderate epiblepharon

Stephanie M Young, Yoon-Duck Kim, Kyung In Woo

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Non-incisional eyelid everting suture technique for treating lower lid epiblepharon

Ji Won Seo, Sunah Kang, Chanjoo Ahn, Bita Esmaeli, Ho-Seok Sa

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