A rare case of orbital granulomatous inflammation from explosive hydraulic oil masquerading as orbital cellulitis

Marvi Cheema, Kelsey Roelofs, Imran Jivraj, Robert West, Steve Rasmussen & Audrey Chan

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Journal : Orbit

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Hyaluronidase allergy mimicking orbital cellulitis

Nirav D. Raichura, Md Shahid Alam, V. V. Jaichandran, Saurabh Mistry & Bipasha Mukherjee

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Relationship between ocular dominance and brow position in patients with blepharoptosis

Andrew W. Thorne, Rao V Chundury, Julian D Perry & Daniel B Rootman

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The intraoperative use of polydioxanone foil to reduce the risk of sino-orbital fistula formation in orbital exenteration

Aws Al-Hity, Maria Elena Gregory & Ewan G Kemp

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Is gastroesophageal reflux disease associated with primary acquired nasolacrimal duct obstruction?

Sonul Mehta, Gui-Shuang Ying, Ahsen Hussain & John T. Harvey

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Complications and outcomes of grafting of posterior orbital fat into the lower lid-cheek junction during orbital decompression

Andre S. Litwin, Cornelia Poitelea, Petrina Tan, Kimia Ziahosseini & Raman Malhotra

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Giant pleomorphic adenoma of the lacrimal gland: A surgical challenge

Md. Shahid Alam, Varsha Backiavathy & Bipasha Mukherjee

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Lower eyelid entropion repair with retractor mobilization and insertion onto the anterior surface of the tarsal plate

Dnyaneshwar D. Athavale & Brett A. O’donnell

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Bioengineered dermal substitutes for the management of traumatic periocular tissue loss

Tiffany A. Chen, Juan A. Ayala-Haedo, Nathan W. Blessing, Katie Topping, Chrisfouad R. Alabiad & Benjamin P. Erickson

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