Role of intralesional bleomycin sclerotherapy as the sole or adjunct treatment of superficial ocular adnexal lymphatic malformations

N Bothra, L Panda, J Sheth and D Tripathy

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Can Lester Jones tubes be tolerated for decades?

R L Scawn, D H Verity and G E Rose

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Journal : EYE

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The application of an acellular dermal allograft (AlloDerm) for patients with insufficient conjunctiva during evisceration and implantation surgery

S J Park, Y Kim and S Y Jang

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Relationship between the phenylephrine test and eyelid droop after aponeurotic repair with the use of an epinephrine-containing local anaesthetic

H Matsuda, T Shiba, Y Takahashi and H Tsuneoka

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Outcomes for severe aponeurotic ptosis using posterior approach white-line advancement ptosis surgery

Z Antus, A Salam, E Horvath and R Malhotra

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