What Do Your Patients Think of You? An Analysis of 84 230 Physician Review Website Reviews in Ophthalmology

Eric Reuben Smith, Cameron Clarke, Steven Linnemeyer, Michael Singer

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Categories: Ophthalmology


An Unusual Case of Unilateral Multiple Periorbital Dermoid Cyst

Santiago Montolío-Marzo, Ester Casas-Gimeno, Joan Prat-Bartomeu

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Subgaleal haematoma as a cause of periorbital necrotising fasciitis: a case report

Chloe FT Ting, Jonathan Lam & Con Anastas

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Modified cheek advancement flap for medial lower eyelid, nasal sidewall and infraorbital cheek reconstruction: a case series

Giorgio Albanese, Shivani Kasbekar & Lorraine C. Abercrombie

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Trichloroacetic acid 10% injection for treatment of conjunctival inclusion cysts

Abbas Bagheri, Koroush Shahraki & Shahin Yazdani

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Combination of mesenchymal stem cell-conditioned medium and botulinum toxin type A for treating human hypertrophic scars

Ching-Hsuan Hu, Yi-Wen Tseng, Chien-Wei Lee, Chih-Yung Chiou, Shiow-Shuh Chuang, Jui-Yung Yang, Oscar K. Lee

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Modified Hotz procedure with CO2 laser ablation of the orbicularis oculi muscle for epiblepharon

Chia-Chen Lin, Chun-Chieh Lai

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Novel Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): The importance of recognising possible early ocular manifestation and using protective eyewear FREE

Ji-Peng Olivia Li, Dennis Shun Chiu Lam, Youxin Chen, Daniel Shu Wei Ting

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Essential skin shrinkage: cicatricial ectropion, a histopathologic evaluation and clinical analysis

Carolee M. Culter-Peck, Stephen C. Dryden, Brian T. Fowler, Dianne Kovacic, Andrzej Slominski & James C. Fleming

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