Limbal schwannoma: Clinicopathological study of a case with review of literature

Rachna Agarwal, Shabari Pal, Nandita Chaudhary, Kumudini Sharma, Vikas Kanaujia

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Uveal metastasis in 1111 patients: Interval to metastasis and overall survival based on timing of primary cancer diagnosis

Joe lWelch, Kunal Malik, Eileen L. Mayro, Jennifer H, Newman, Stephanie E, Honig, Su Mae Ang, Evan B. Selzer, Luis A. Acaba-Berrocal, Mark P.McGarrey, Alexander E. Graf, Sean P. Considine, Jerry A. Shields, Carol L. Shields

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Diagnosis of orbital mass lesions: clinical, radiological, and pathological recommendations

Ilse Mombaerts, Ingvild Ramberg, Sarah E. Coupland, Steffen Heegaard

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Neurothekeoma of the eye, conjunctiva, and periorbital adnexa: A report of two cases and brief review

Thonnie Rose O. See, Gustav Stålhammar, Hans E. Grossniklaus

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A simple pingueculum or not?

Victoria Marks, Sara E Lally, Carol L Shields

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Uveal melanoma-associated survival in Scotland

Aaron Jamison, Lesley A. Bhatti, Manvi M. Sobti, Vikas Chadha, Paul Cauchi & Ewan G. Kemp

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Genetic Analysis of Uveal Melanoma in 658 Patients Using the Cancer Genome Atlas Classification of Uveal Melanoma as A, B, C, and D

Pornpattana Vichitvejpaisal, Lauren A. Dalvin, Mehdi Mazloumi, Kathryn G. Ewens, Arupa Ganguly, Carol L. Shields

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Type A lymphomatoid papulosis presenting as an eyelid ulcer in a young man

Juan Carlos Sánchez España & Roberto Secondi

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Sino-orbital desmoid tumor in a pediatric patient – Case report with review of literature

Mariel Angelou Parulan, Gangadhara Sundar, Yew Kwang Ong, Tseng Tsai Yeo, Victor Lee & Miriam Santiago Kimpo

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Malignant eyelid tumors: Are intra-operative rapid frozen section and permanent section diagnoses of surgical margins concordant?

Swathi Kaliki, Sasi Pyda, Nupur Goel, Tarjani Vivek Dave, Milind N. Naik, Dilip K. Mishra

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