Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction Following Hyaluronic Acid Rejuvenation of the Tear Trough

Kalin-Hajdu, Evan; Kersten, Robert C.

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“Orbicularis Retaining Ligament Release in Lower Blepharoplasty

Schiller, Jeffrey D.


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Nazemzadeh, Maryam; Hartstein, Morris E.; Holds, John B.; Massry, Guy; Wulc, Allan E.


Role of Retrobulbar Hyaluronidase in Filler-Associated Blindness

Hwang, Catherine J.; Mustak, Hamzah; Gupta, Adit A.; Ramos, Regina M.; Goldberg, Robert A.; Duckwiler, Gary R.

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Blepharoplasty: Anatomy, Planning, Techniques, and Safety

Mohammed Alghoul, MD, FACS

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Re: “Autologous Fat Graft for the Treatment of Sighted Posttraumatic Enophthalmos and Sunken Upper Eyelid”

Light Perception Vision Recovery After Treatment for Calcium Hydroxylapatite Cosmetic Filler–Induced Blindness

Vu, Priscilla Q.; Grob, Seanna R.; Tao, Jeremiah P.

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The Individualized Facelift Technique in Improving Facial Asymmetry for Asian Patients

Zhang, Pan; Sui, Bing; Ren, Lihong; Yang, Jenny; Ma, Xu; Li, Qingchun; Yang, Daping

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The infraorbital artery: Clinical relevance in esthetic medicine and identification of danger zones of the midface

K. Hufschmidt, N. Bronsard, R. Foissac, P. Baqué, T. Balaguer, B. Chignon-Sicard, J. Santini, O. Camuzard

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Upper blepharoplasty revision technique: Correction of the high eyelid fold using the pretarsal orbicularis oculi flap

Hai-Peng Liu, Ying Shao, Bing Li, Meng-Ru Sun, Xiao-Jie Yu, Duo Zhang

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Treatment of keloid scars with intralesional triamcinolone and 5-fluorouracil injections – a randomized controlled trial

KE Hietanen, TA Järvinen, H Huhtala, TT Tolonen, HO Kuokkanen, IS Kaartinen

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