What Do Your Patients Think of You? An Analysis of 84 230 Physician Review Website Reviews in Ophthalmology

Eric Reuben Smith, Cameron Clarke, Steven Linnemeyer, Michael Singer

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Categories: Ophthalmology


An Unusual Case of Unilateral Multiple Periorbital Dermoid Cyst

Santiago Montolío-Marzo, Ester Casas-Gimeno, Joan Prat-Bartomeu

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Topical Prostaglandin Analog Use Is Associated with Increased Failure Rate of Ptosis Repair

Adam R. Sweeney, Katherine J. Williams, Christopher R. Dermarkarian, Richard C. Allen, Michael T. Yen 

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Secondary Prevention of Retinoblastoma Revisited

Sameh E. Soliman, Cynthia VandenHoven, Leslie D. MacKeen, Brenda L. Gallie

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Pembrolizumab-Related Enophthalmos

Alexandra Manta, Robert A. Goldberg

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A Baby with Raccoon Eyes

Wei Xiao, Chaochao Xu, Yuxiang Mao

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A Comparison of Endonasal Dacryocystorhinostomy and External Dacryocystorhinostomy

Rachel K. Sobel, Vinay K. Aakalu, Edward J. Wladis, Jurij R. Bilyk, Michael T. Yen, Louise A. Mawn

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Transcanalicular Trephination for Canalicular Block after Dacryocystorhinostomy

Kaveh Vahdani, Geoffrey E. Rose

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Paraneoplastic Dermatomyositis Presenting as Atopic Blepharitis

Prithvi Ramtohul, Danièle Denis

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Genetic Analysis of Uveal Melanoma in 658 Patients Using the Cancer Genome Atlas Classification of Uveal Melanoma as A, B, C, and D

Pornpattana Vichitvejpaisal, Lauren A. Dalvin, Mehdi Mazloumi, Kathryn G. Ewens, Arupa Ganguly, Carol L. Shields

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