Long-term results of maintenance of lacrimal silicone stent in patients with functional epiphora after external dacryocystorhinostomy

Min Joung Lee, Jinku Park, Min Kyu Yang, Youn Joo Choi, Namju Kim, Ho-Kyung Choung & Sang In Khwarg

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Fibrosis in dysthyroid eye disease

Marian Ludgate

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Endoscopic orbital fat decompression for the management of proptosis in Grave’s orbitopathy using a laryngeal skimmer blade

David S Curragh & Dinesh Selva

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Clinical coding and data quality in oculoplastic procedures

Valerie Juniat, Sarju Athwal & Mona Khandwala

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Uveal melanoma-associated survival in Scotland

Aaron Jamison, Lesley A. Bhatti, Manvi M. Sobti, Vikas Chadha, Paul Cauchi & Ewan G. Kemp

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Outcomes of ocular evisceration and enucleation in the British Armed Forces from Iraq and Afghanistan

Christopher J. Holmes, Anthony McLaughlin, Tahir Farooq, John Awad, Aidan Murray & Robert Scott

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A trial of a mechanical device for the treatment of blepharospasm

Alexina Fantato, Manoj Parulekar & John Elston

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Direct eyelid defect closure: a prospective study of functional and aesthetic outcomes

Vladimir T. Thaller, Simon N. Madge, W. Chan, I. Vujic & F. Jazayeri

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Diagnosis and surgical management of orbital sparganosis

Qing Xia & Jianhua Yan

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Journal : EYE

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The practice patterns in the management of sebaceous carcinoma of the eyelid in the Asia Pacific region

Janice J. C. Cheung, Bita Esmaeli, Stacey C. Lam, Tracey Kwok & Hunter K. L. Yuen

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